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I like *not in an ascending order* stars, steak, chocholate milkshake, avocado, go alone to the cinema, travelling, reading literacy and historical books, light (lamp) in the village, vegetables, a quite place, behind the scene, go to Gramedia, wings, walking around in a mall, stay in my room, kites, white sand, listen to the music (no mainstream), a new adventure, multiple tasking, green colour (at the moment), to be alone, work with computer, feeling free…
(to be continued…)
I don’t like shrimps (ups…), certain fish, regulatory, boxing, center of attention, dark, dictation, impatience, cold, busy roads, cooking, to be underestimated, something bored, caterpilar, earthworm, cubbyhole, rain, single tasking, red (at the moment)…
(on going finding…)

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